Knoxville Prayer Walk set for Aug. 30

photo courtesy of Kevin Stittsworth

Everyone is invited to gather in Knoxville on Sunday, Aug. 30, to pray over the community for the coming year.

Organizers Tyler Pearson and Kevin Stittsworth are back at the helm again, encouraging people to take time that day to not only pray for continued blessings upon the community, but to give thanks for everything Knoxville has enjoyed. The calendar year 2020 has seen its share of disappointments at home and abroad. The two believe everyone could use prayer now more than ever.

One of those disappointments has been COVID-19, which has claimed too many lives and disrupted nearly everyone else’s. The pandemic is still present, which is why the 2020 prayer walk will contain a virtual component. You can share online that which you are praying for and get others to join you. Pearson and Stittsworth are aware there will still be many who will seek to gather for the walk; plans are to meet at Panther Park.

Last year, 240 took part in the prayer walk – many more than the two expected. While destinations were specified for last year, everyone is encouraged to pray for the location, or cause, they choose. Some places new from last year, specifically mentioned were the site of the new Knoxville Middle School, the Post Office and the Knoxville VA District. Several sites will be repeated, such as the VA, but the prayers will be altered to meet current conditions.

Plans for the prayer walk are very fluid and are likely to change from week-to-week until the actual date of the event. Prayer warriors are invited to follow the Knoxville Prayer Walk Facebook page to stay current on the latest developments.

“I feel like it’s hard to plan,” Pearson said. They are being cautions, as even if there are no pandemic concerns at that time, weather will always be a factor.

Stittsworth and Pearson have reached out to religious organizations to invite their membership to take part. Their goal is make this an annual event, and hopefully inspire other communities to do the same. Those who do not regularly attend church are still invited.

The two have seen how God has worked in Knoxville since last year. Weekly suggestions for prayers have come from the Facebook page which, at the time of publication, had 570 followers.

“This is a time for all of us to come back together,” Stittsworth said. “I hope people are still praying every day.”

The Marion County Express will keep you posted on the Knoxville Prayer Walk as details become available.