Knoxville responds to vehicle fire

Knoxville Fire Department's new ladder truck (photo contributed)

At around 9:30 a.m. Friday morning, June 26, the Knoxville Fire/Rescue Department responded to a vehicle fire call at Motor Inn.

Fire Chief Cal Wyman tells the Tribune that the fire had been extinguished prior to the department’s arrival. No one was injured.

“They used two fire extinguishers on it, just as we got there,” Wyman said. The vehicle in question was a truck hauler that arrived in town from North Carolina on Thursday. Wyman believes the cause of the fire was a loose fuel line that got too close to a hot exhaust system or manifold.

The driver said he had recently had motor work done, which may have dislodged the fuel line, according to Wyman. The fire sounded a lot worse when it was first reported to the department than it actually was, Wyman continued.