Knoxville Middle School project moving forward

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Actions were taken at the Monday, June 22, regular Knoxville School Board meeting to move the Middle School project forward.

Business Manager Craig Mobley reports that the money from the voter-approved bond sale should be in the district’s hands by July 8, when the sale is closed. Voters approved the sale of over $26 million in bonds to pay for the new middle school, as well as improvements at other facilities, in March. However, the district only had to sell $25,460,000 in bonds to this point.

The bond sale allowed the district to receive premium rates. The remaining $790,000 in par value bonds can be sold by the district at a future date.

Mobley reports that the “footprint”, or square footage of the new middle school, is nearly complete and finer details will soon be addressed. A review of the project’s budget was performed on Friday, June 19. The district is looking at ways to reduce costs further and improve efficiency.

Architects for the project are scheduled to be in town this week to look at parts of the high school and current middle school. Much of the discussion with the architects to this point has been done via Zoom. Mobley is eager to meet with the architects in-person and is glad to have them physically on campus soon.

The tentative timeline for the middle school project includes closing the bond sale on July 8, bidding the project in late fall/early winter, with construction beginning in the spring of 2021.