Supervisors plan changes to GIS position

Lt. Justin Kingrey and Sheriff Jason Sandholdt (foreground) discuss the 2020-21 budget with the Board of Supervisors; Mark Raymie, Kisha Jahner and Steve McCombs. (photo by Steve Woodhouse)

The Marion County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday morning to change the job duties of the Geographic Information System (GIS) Coordinator.

Board Chair Mark Raymie suggested eliminating the GIS position in favor of a new one that not only handles those tasks, but can also assist with information technology, work a help desk and upgrade the County’s website.

Currently, Andrew Meyers and Andrew DeHaan handle the County’s IT. Raymie believes the two need some help.

“Andrew and Andrew need more support,” Raymie said. Raymie is also concerned that there is a need to re-examine the employee list to find efficiencies within the government to reduce costs.

Bill Buttrey is the current GIS Coordinator for the County. He is not retiring, but the position specific to that function is being eliminated.

“There’s nothing wrong with the person, but we do need an upgrade,” Raymie said.