Pleasantville teachers working on “return to learn” plan

The logo for the Pleasantville School District (photo from

Teachers in the Pleasantville Community School District have been busy chipping away at the state-mandated “return to learn” plan following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gov. Kim Reynolds and the Iowa Department of Education are requiring school districts to develop contingency plans in the event learning is forced to be held remotely, and online, in the future.

Pleasantville Superintendent Dr. Tony Aylsworth says the staff is working on three different models – one completely based on face-to-face learning, one based on all online learning and one mixture. Aylsworth said the staff has been working really hard to prepare to restart the educational process. They are doing this work in addition to the usual off-season preparations going into a new school year.

“Every school is that way right now,” Aylsworth said. Challenges are increased, as the guidelines from the State are dozens of pages long. A new addendum to the requirements came out this week.