Fuller is officially chief

Knoxville Police Chief Aaron Fuller

Aaron Fuller is now officially the Knoxville Chief of Police.

Fuller’s appointment was approved unanimously at the June 1 city council meeting. He steps into the job vacated by the retiring Dan Losada. Mayor Brian Hatch will swear Fuller in Tuesday, June 2, at 5 p.m., at City Hall.

In other council action, the sale of $1,060,000 in bonds was approved. The proceeds will pay for improvements along Park Lane and the portion of Larson Street that is adjacent to Highway 14 (Lincoln Street) through the pavement management program. A portion of the proceeds will also help fund the Highway 14 lane reduction project.

Interest rates for the bond sale ranged from 1.3-1.86 percent from six different bidders. UMB Bank of Kansas City was the winning bidder. With such low interest rates, the council may review existing bonds to see if they can be refinanced to save money.

The council approved the Des Moines Register as the official newspaper of record. Iowa law requires cities and other political subdivisions to designate a paid subscription newspaper that has been in circulation for at least two years as the publication for meeting minutes and other legal notices.

Councilor Megan Suhr inquired why the Des Moines paper was selected over another in Oskaloosa, owned by a company in Alabama, following the closure of the Knoxville Journal-Express.

City Attorney Bob Stuyvesant explained that the number of subscribers to the Oskaloosa paper, who live in Knoxville, is unknown. The appointment of the Des Moines paper may be temporary, if more information is received.

“The Register would be a safer bet to stay in compliance with the code,” City Manager Aaron Adams said.

The topic of legal publications came up again as the council voted to vacate a portion of North Attica Road and sell the land to adjacent property owners. The land vacated is 25 feet and 16 feet on either side of the road, lying north of East Marion. The City has to publish a notice about the sale.