Busy night for Pleasantville City Council

City of Pleasantville logo

The most recent Pleasantville City Council meeting included a great deal of business.

For starters, regular meetings were moved to the third Tuesday of the month, instead of Monday. City Attorney John Judisch resigned, with his partner Bob Stuyvesant taking over. The move is to accommodate Stuyvesant’s schedule.

The Carlisle Citizen is now the official newspaper of record for the City of Pleasantville. This follows the closure of the Knoxville Journal-Express. Iowa law currently requires Cities and other political subdivisions to print minutes and other notices in paid newspapers. The Tribune does not meet all of the state mandates to provide this service.

On June 1, residents will be granted amnesty for dog licenses. Dog owners may call City Hall and obtain free licenses. This is good for new licenses, as well as renewals.

The City hopes to work with Smith Fertilizer and Grain to construct salt and sand storage facilities. The City hopes to save money on storage and transportation costs with the new facility, as these materials are purchased every year.

Two big checks were approved, as a $441,176.59 payment to Iowa Civil Contractors was made for work on Jasper Street. The project is over 80 percent complete, but the contractor is over the number of work days. As of the council meeting, the City was not seeking compensation for the extra work days, as long as progress continues to be made. There was additional work done during the project that was not part of the original plan, which added time as well.

A $39,873.27 payment to Woodruff Construction was approved as the latest installment for the wastewater treatment center.

Despite some disagreements prior to the meeting, fitness classes have been allowed to continue at the Pleasantville Memorial Building.