Marion County has four new positive cases


As of Monday afternoon, May 18, there have been 25 positive cases of COVID-19 in Marion County, with four more identified on that date. Ten of those cases are active, as 15 people have recovered.

At the same point, Iowa has 14,955 positive cases with 103,148 tests being completed at the time of this original post. That’s 1 in 31 Iowans who have been tested.

Gov. Kim Reynolds reported at her morning press conference that the state’s COVID-19 website will soon be updated in real time. This means changes to the number of tests, positive cases, etc., will be immediately updated when reported to the state. Up to this point, numbers had been released once a day.

There have been 7,324 Iowans who have tested positive for the virus whom have recovered. Reynolds focused her press conference again on reopening the state, though she did not specify the removal of any current restrictions. She believes Iowans can make their own decisions about prevention and spread of the virus.

“Only you know what’s best for you and your family,” Reynolds said. The Governor was asked about PMSI, a rash and infection that has affected a small number of children, including in eastern Iowa. Dr. Caitlyn Pedati said the infection is rare and her office continues to monitor the situation.

Reynolds continued to reiterate that behaviors such as social distancing need to continue, and she expects Iowans to be personally responsible for keeping themselves and others safe. Those who have been most vulnerable to COVID-19, and remain so, are asked to continue to stay home and not take risks.

The Governor, nor legislators, yet have a clear picture how COVID-19 closures will impact the state budget. She hopes to have more information before late May. The Legislature is tentatively scheduled to return to the statehouse on June 3. The budget is one of the few items that need to be completed in the 2020 session.

A moratorium on utility disconnections for failure to pay, as well as evictions, will expire by the end of May. Reynolds is studying this situation further and could not commit to either allowing the moratorium to expire or extending it.

The Governor will hold another press conference Tuesday, May 19, at 11 a.m.