Knoxville graduation planned for June 28

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Knoxville Schools’ Superintendent Cassi Pearson has announced that graduation will be held June 28 at 5 p.m. at Knoxville Raceway. Information for families and the public are below.

a. Gates open at 4:00 PM
b. Families sit together and leave 4 open seats between different households
c. Enter southside of the Grandstand–Elevators available
d. Public restrooms will not be available

3. Rehearsal: June 23rd at 11:30 AM

4. Due to limited parking, students will need to be dropped off on the south side of Dyer Hudson Hall no later than 3:00 PM, (no parking available for students.)

5. Professional class photo and individual photos will take place from 3:00-4:00 PM
(2020 Class Members and Staff only–no parents)

6. 4’x24’ stage will be located centered between section D-N (3-4’x8’ sections)

7. Students will be seated on the section to the east of the stage, student speakers will sit on first row all other students in rows 2-11, sitting in only the odd numbers seats.

8. Students will enter the grandstand up the ramp during the playing of Pomp and

9. Podium will be set up off the stage to the east on the landing of the staircase

10.Order of Program
a. Procession
b. Welcome by Senior Class President and introduction of first speaker
c. Students Speaker 1
d. Student Speaker 2
e. Students Speaker 3
f. Mr. Paulsen will announce the following awards (students will stand):
i. Bernie Sagau
ii. Governor Scholar
iii. Beckman Male and Female Athlete of the Year
iv. Black K’s
v. Honor K’s
g. Mr. Wilkins will present academic Top 10% their medals
h. Mrs. Pearson Congratulations Address
i. Presentation of Diplomas (Mr. Paulsen/Mr. Sandy hand diplomas to Mr.
Wilkins & Mrs. Pearson only ones on stage)
i. Announcing of Student Names by Guest Public Address announcer from Knoxville Raceway
ii. Mr. Wilkins will hand diplomas to students on east end of stage
iii. Mrs. Pearson will turn tassels at west end of stage
iv. Students enter stage on east and exit on west to new seats
j. Presentation of graduates–Mr. Wilkins

11.At the conclusion of the graduation, students will walk back across the stage for
another photo op then exit the Grandstand down the ramp

12.Graduates will disperse under the Grandstand by last name using seating section signs. Families will pick up their graduate in their designated spot and leave the Raceway together immediately following the ceremony. No receiving lines.

13.Final decision on graduation ceremony will need to be made by June 8th in
partnership with Marion County Emergency Management, Marion County Public Health, Knoxville Raceway, and Knoxville CSD

14. Potential make-up date: July 26 5:00 PM