Seven of Eight COVID-19 patients in Marion County have recovered

Marion County Emergency Management logo from its website.

Marion County is among the 77 in Iowa that will have COVID-19 restrictions eased on Friday, May 1. The County’s Joint Information Center reported Thursday morning that seven of the eight people who have tested positive for the disease locally have recovered. At this time, 1 in 74 Iowans have already been tested.

As Marion County begins to reopen, if businesses and churches so choose, Board of Supervisors Chairman Mark Raymie heaps praise upon Emergency Management Coordinator Jeff Anderson and Public Health Director Kim Dorn for their hard work over the past several weeks. From the moment the pandemic began to loom on the horizon, both have been doing what they can to protect Marion County residents.

Raymie says the County has trusted the federal government’s guidelines, as he believes they have the best information. Local leaders really had no choice but to trust that this leadership made recommendations and guidelines with the best intentions. Everyone has done what they can with the information available, given that this coronavirus is novel.

One thing Raymie has noticed is that the Iowa Department of Public Health needs to examine its procedures. They were not quite prepared. At the County level, he believes things went well, but like everyone, evaluation will be done to see what can be done better when the pandemic is over.

The County may reduce the number of situation reports released next week, as well as press briefings. Nothing has been decided as of this post, but the County wants to begin to return to normal while taking precautions to avoid seeing a spike in local COVID-19 cases.