Knoxville’s own Nichol joins KPD

Knoxville Police Officer Cody Nichol

Officer Cody Nichol is one of the most recent additions to the Knoxville Police Department, and he is glad to be serving his hometown.

Nichol grew up in Knoxville, as part of a law enforcement family. His father was a Trooper, his brother is a Guthrie County deputy and his grandfather was a reserve deputy with the sheriff’s office.

“I love every aspect of law enforcement,” Nichol said. He always saw it as a great way to get out and see the world.

Nichol is a member of the most recent graduating class from the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy. The 16-week training period included a lot of information and changed some of his expectations about the job. When the campus closed and the cadets were forced to finish their training from a distance, it hit them hard.

“We were kind of bummed,” Nichol said. Many were disappointed they did not get a class picture or an opportunity to truly say goodbye to each other. “The academy did the best they could and you have to applaud them for that.”

Prior to his hiring with the KPD, Nichol spent three years as a reserve. He has been field training with Lt. Eric How for a few weeks overnight. When that is finished, he will train on the day shift for six weeks. The experience has been great so far, he added.

What has surprised him the most from the field training is the amount of paperwork involved with law enforcement. Moreover, he realizes how good it feels to spend every day as a policeman.

“It’s an experience unlike any other,” Nichol said. “I love what I do. I love the town I do it in.”

As a resident of Knoxville, Nichol has enjoyed interacting with his neighbors in this new role.