Knoxville Schools serving 900 meals a day

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Craig Mobley has been busy working alongside food service staff members who voluntarily stay on the clock to provide meals for Knoxville children. They are serving around 450 children each day.

Students are provided a breakfast and a lunch, which means that the Knoxville Community School District continues to provide 4,500 meals a week.

“It seems the longer we go, more people are showing up,” Mobley said. For instance, last Friday, the number of students served was closer to 500. Mobley was encouraged by that, as the district wants people to get the meals and ensure students are fed.

The difficult part has become food access. With every district in Iowa offering meals, they all seek the same ingredients. Prepackaged sandwiches were becoming very hard to find.

This has led to the cooks become more creative in what they prepare for each meal. Ingredients are used to make different foods. The district also tries to ensure that the type of food included in the meals is changed.

The district appreciates everyone’s support regarding all of the challenges presented by COVID-19. Staff appreciates the patience shown in the changes to the delivery of education, as the top priority is being safe.