Panther Scholarship Night won’t be the same


With schools remaining closed through the end of the 2019-20 academic year, several traditions that come with the end of classes are forced to make adjustments. This includes the Knoxville Panther Scholarship Foundation’s awards night.

Curt Froyen with the foundation says he will join other board members via a Zoom meeting later this week to discuss how they can recognize the Class of 2020. There are 74 members of the graduating KHS class who have applied for scholarships, and all of them will still receive one through the foundation. An additional 81 alumni of KHS have applied for scholarships for their sophomore (31), junior (31) and senior (19) years of college.

The foundation is receiving information from community groups that present scholarships, regarding whom the 2020 recipients are. Froyen is unsure how the recipients and donors will be recognized, as most of the scholarship presenters are in the high-risk group to get COVID-19.

Though nothing is decided right now, the foundation continues to develop a plan. The typical scholarship night will not happen. Waiting to hold one until later in the summer is not feasible, as most colleges need the money in early June to apply it to each student’s account.

The Tribune will keep everyone posted on the scholarship presentations as details are finalized and become available.