Knoxville Hospital and Clinics has committee working on return to normalcy

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Knoxville Hospital and Clinics CEO Kevin Kincaid reported Friday afternoon, April 17, that he has organized a “formal, business-as-usual, task force”.

This group is spending time trying to find ways to return the medical facility to a sense of normalcy. Kincaid said just creating the group, and beginning the conversation about the future have been a “positive shot in the arm” of his staff.

“We want to get back to some form of normal,” Kincaid said. The Trump Administration released a plan yesterday to begin to reopen America.

He reassured patients and everyone else that the facility is currently safe. Those in need of care should remain comfortable coming to the facility for treatment.

For those who are able, and feel comfortable, Mobile Express Care is available. This is KHC’s virtual health care provider visit program, which Kincaid reports has seen much use. It is highly likely that use of Mobile Express Care will continue to be a significant portion of provider/patient interaction after the pandemic is over.

“Virtual medicine has been around a long time,” Kincaid said. “We know it works.”

KHC has also reopened its Bell Avenue Clinic, specifically for patients with respiratory issues. The environment there is more controlled, and Kincaid said it has been a real asset.