Deadlines for licenses suspended

Marion County Treasurer Michaela Bigaouette

Marion County Treasurer Michaela Bigaouette shared an update regarding driver’s licenses deadlines during Friday afternoon’s COVID-19 press conference.

Until April 30, the deadlines for driver’s licenses, title and registration renewals, have been suspended. There is also an extension of the due date for property taxes – though the date for tax sales is still the same. According to Bigaouette, there are around 4,200 parcels left to pay their taxes, which is higher than usual at this point.

“I do encourage people to go ahead and get those paid,” Bigaouette said. If you need help with any of these issues, you are encouraged to call the Treasurer’s Office.

As a reminder, offices for the Treasurer, Auditor, Recorder, Assessor and Zoning have all been moved to 614 East Washington, the former East Elementary building, in Knoxville. This was pre-planned as the courthouse’s elevator is being improved. For more information, visit the County’s website.