Rotary learns more about Better Angels

Dr. Christopher Peters and Harv Sprafka. (photo by Steve Woodhouse)

Dr. Christopher Peters is best known around Marion County as a former Republican candidate for Congress. On March 4, he was the guest of Harv Sprafka at the Knoxville Rotary Club to discuss his new venture, Better Angels.

Better Angels is a grassroots campaign to bridge the gap between the two major political parties in America. Studies have shown that there are fewer issues that bring the two together in the middle. What Peters and his group try to do is restore common ground, and find ways for the two sides to talk without insulting each other.

The divide has grown and each side more polarized while the number of registered Republicans and registered Democrats has slipped. Most voters choose not to align themselves with either party.

Peters hosts Red/Blue Parties, which he invites people of both parties to join together and bridge their gaps. Among the goals of these is to also inspire more social interaction among people in general.

For more on the effort, click here.