Pella Electric Department has surpluses planned through 2023

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The Pella Electric Department will continue its street light replacement project through fiscal year 2020-21, with $58,000 budgeted for the project. This will be the third year of the three-year plan.

In all, the department is seeking $378,000 from the Pella City Council for the fiscal year. One of the most significant costs to the department this year will be additional linemen, as the department will lay fiber optic cables this year. There will be around 80 miles of the cable installed when complete. The department also needs the manpower because it does its own utility locating, as they are more accurate than outside agencies. This ensures a smoother project.

The department has $100,000 budgeted for padmount transformers, $36,000 budgeted for a DC Fast Charging Station (for electric cars), $32,000 for shop door replacement and $38,000 for downtown traffic signal coordination.

Electric rates for the City are expected to remain the same. Credit for this is given to Missouri River Energy Services, as it has held the supply rates for power steady. The MRES hydroelectric power plant at Red Rock is expected to be online in August.