Buttigieg tops Marion County Democratic Caucus

Mayor Pete Buttigieg (photo by Steve Woodhouse)

Pete Buttigieg earned 42 of 100 delegates to the Marion County Democratic Convention to be held on March 31.

Marion County Democratic Party Chair Ann Fields was awaiting results to begin to flow from the state party before releasing the local news. The Iowa Democratic Party blames a glitch in a reporting app for results being withheld until around 4 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 4. Thus far, only 62 percent of Iowa’s precincts’ reports have been released.

As for Marion County, Buttigieg topped the field with Bernie Sanders placing second with 19 delegates. Amy Klobuchar earned 15, Joe Biden 12, Elizabeth Warren 10 and Andrew Yang 2.

There were 1,339 participants spread out among 17 caucus locations in the county. Of those, 20 did not commit to a second candidate when their first choice was not viable.

Buttigieg’s popularity grew the most among the candidates following the first alignment. After the first alignment, Buttigieg had 410 supporters. That number increased to 502 after the final alignment.

Mike Bloomberg only had two supporters in Marion County in the first alignment, which placed him in the bottom among the candidates. Tom Steyer had only 15 and earned no delegates. Yang had 78 supporters in initial rounds, but that decreased to 46 among the county. Joe Biden’s supporters also decreased from 190 to 173 in the final alignment.

Sanders had 244 supporters in the first alignment, then gained 13 more in the final. Klobuchar dropped from 208 supporters to 185. Warren lost nine supporters, falling from 165 to 156.

Pella Ward 4 had the largest attendance in the county, held at the Graham Conference Center Banquet Room on the Central College campus, with 172 participants. The Pleasantville caucus site, which included Pleasant Grove, Union and Franklin Townships, as well as the city of Pleasantville, had the second highest attendance with 152. These were also the two precincts with the highest numbers for Buttigieg.

“A BIG Thank you to all the Precinct Chairs, Secretaries, and the candidate organizers,” Fields said. “Even though the reporting had a snafu, the caucuses themselves went smoothly.”

The next big event for the Marion County Democrats will be a soup luncheon on Sunday, Feb. 16, from 1-4 p.m., at Peace Tree Brewing Company. It is free and open to the public. Candidates seeking a place on the general election ballot have been invited.

County caucus results are pictured below.

Marion County 2020 Democratic Caucus results