Sinclair hopes to release school aid proposal this week

Sen. Amy Sinclair

Sen. Amy Sinclair (R-District 14) intends to announce the rate of state supplemental aid (SSA) for K-12 public schools on Monday.

Sinclair chairs the Senate Education Committee. She tells the Tribune that there are differences being worked out with the House of Representatives before a proposal can be released. Both chambers are controlled by the Republicans.

Iowa law requires the Legislature to announce an agreement on SSA within the first 30 days of the session. Sinclair said if not released this week, it will be released within the time frame specified by law.

In other areas of education, she continues to work on her plans to make the classroom environment safer for all students and teachers. She has already introduced a bill that would add the suicide hotline number to all student identifications, beginning in the fall of 2020.

A Senate Committee passed a proposed amendment to the Iowa Constitution that would state that the document does not have any role in abortion rights. It does not ban abortion, but it would state that abortion is not a right specified within it, either.

Amendments to the Iowa Constitution must be passed by two different Legislatures before going to the public for a vote. If it passes this session, it must also pass again next session, which will be a different legislature, before it will be placed on the ballot.

“Of course I’m going to vote to protect life,” Sinclair said regarding the amendment when it comes to the full Senate. “You don’t have a right to an abortion. All the Constitutional Amendment does is let the people decide, not five people on the Supreme Court.”

Sinclair intends to hold a forum at the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame on Feb. 15 at 12:30 p.m.