Over $6,500 in diapers donated to Riverside Church

The Core house group and their donations. (photo courtesy of Bruce Rietveld)

Parents in need will be the beneficiaries of the generosity of local businesses and children who were able to raise over $6,500 in cash and diaper donations.

Third Church in Pella has a group known as the Core. Due to its size and participation, the Core is divided into five house groups. The house group led by Brian VanDeLune includes students of various ages from Pella Community and Pella Christian schools.

The group has been learning about expanding their influence and listening to ways God is calling them to be active in their community. VanDeLune had preached at Riverside Church for Bruce Rietveld and learned of the assistance the church provides to those in need. He reached out to Rietveld to see how the group could help. Rietveld explained that there is a significant need for diapers, as not many donations are received because they are expensive.

VanDeLune proposed the idea to his group and they agreed. They all felt called to help the people of Knoxville with this effort. Soon, they were reaching out to their friends, family, social media, businesses, etc., and on Wednesday night, Dec. 18, the group was able to purchase over $6,500 worth of diapers.

Beverly Rietveld spoke to the group to help them make a connection to those in need and help them understand. VanDeLune said this talk provided more inspiration to the kids.

While shopping for the diapers VanDeLune described the mood of the youth as “amazed” when they bought all of the Pella Fareway’s diaper inventory.

What he hopes the youth learn is that even small gestures like this can help those who are struggling to understand that there are people who love you, and will stand behind you.

“This is just how we felt led and called,” VanDeLune said. This donation actually stemmed from the group’s fall program. The timing of the donation, just before Christmas, was not intended by VanDeLune, nor any other person with the group. It was just a blessing from God that the donation and one of Christianity’s most holy days coincide.

VanDeLune and his group realize that, while giving is popular at this time of year, the need is present every day. He hopes that the public will realize the need exists as well, due to the group’s work.

“That was our whole point,” he said. “To make people feel blessed and loved.”