We don’t trust you to make this decision

Official portrait of President Donald J. Trump, Friday, October 6, 2017. (Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead)

It’s been hard for me to not speak out on the charade that is going on in the United States House of Representatives. But, this is just ridiculous.

I’m writing this on Dec. 5, 2019, the day House Speaker Nancy Pelosi directed her key committee chairs to draft Articles of Impeachment against President Donald Trump. This is also only 334 days before Election Day, when we the people can choose whether we want Trump to stay in office for four more years or completely abandon capitalism and adopt a form of communism.

Why even bother with impeachment now? I realize they’ve been trying to impeach Trump literally since the day he was inaugurated, but I don’t understand the strategy behind it.

In my opinion, the Democrats are shouting to the American people, “WE DON’T TRUST YOU TO MAKE THIS CHOICE!” It may not necessarily be about trust; they have nothing substantial with which to oppose Trump and have no confidence they will win next year.

I haven’t come to this conclusion lightly. I’ve simply been paying attention throughout this impeachment process. In the last few weeks, during these shady, one-sided hearings, we’ve heard from no one but bureaucrats, political insiders, lifelong government stooges – people who have influence on our government but do not have to worry about election. These are also the same kinds of people who spied on the Trump campaign, lied to the FISA Court, attempted to sabotage the will of the people and get their candidate elected before a ballot was cast.

President Trump released the transcript of the phone call upon which this latest smear campaign is based. Not one of these people – especially none of the “Constitutional experts” from academia presented any hard evidence of wrongdoing.

Who gave these people the right to have this kind of power? The founders never intended to have a complete, permanent apparatus of government upon which the citizens had little to no influence. If anything, they intended for people like Donald Trump to serve as our commander-in-chief.

The plans were to have a government of the people, for the people and by the people. It should be our goals and intentions as a nation to elect people to office for only a short time, and preferably after he/she has accomplished something on their own. By that, I don’t mean just those who attend Ivy League schools, make the right friends, suck up to his/her political party, etc. I mean people who have produced success within their own communities and local economy.

Then, when they’ve served a time, they go back to that life. They weren’t intended to occupy a seat meant to be representative of an area so long that they cannot possibly be in touch or have a firsthand understanding of the needs of that community. That’s what I believe was intended.

Trump has done that. He’s accomplished many things in his life. He is implementing the agenda that got him elected by a cross-section of the United States of America. (No, Elizabeth Warren, the electoral college should not be eliminated, as it is intended to protect the rights of every state to have a voice in the presidential election. The popular vote would lead to further tyranny with the coasts choosing the president.)

It is my opinion that the founders, as well as most Americans, believe the job of the federal government – or any government for that matter – is to protect our rights and freedoms. We only need them to ensure that we have a military and other public safety organizations, have a common currency, and promote the general welfare. In my opinion, promoting the general welfare means doing what is necessary to ensure that we and our families have roofs over our heads; have a means with which to travel and do commerce across the country and world; and otherwise be able to pursue a life of happiness without constant fear of domestic or international threats.

I believe that is what our president is trying to do. I believe his continued popularity stems from the fact that we have low unemployment, people are working and they are able to lead lives they want to live. Even in the areas his administration is failing, it is largely due to cumbersome bureaucracy, entrenched lifelong public sector succubi and an inept legislative branch. (Yes, I’m including the worthless Senate in that as well.)

In essence, Trump’s philosophy of trying to ease the burden on taxpayers, enabling the free market and individuals to thrive are ideally American. The result has been positive and is actually the exact opposite of what today’s power-hungry, dictatorial, elitist Democratic Party stands for.

The Democrats and their cronies within the government are either power hungry or truly believe that people are too stupid to choose their own representatives in a constitutional, representative republic. Do you want people you either cannot kick out of office or have no respect for you making decisions that can influence your daily life?

Americans like freedom. Most Americans like Trump (at least his policies). The Democrats realize they can’t match the popularity of either of these things and continue to resort to dirty tactics to try to remain relevant while unduly and unfairly influencing the 2020 election.

Take care of yourself and thank you for reading.