City of Pella seeking sidewalk bids

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The City of Pella is seeking bids for its 2020 sidewalk program.

Every year, the City chooses a quadrant for sidewalk inspection and one for repair. In 2019, the quadrant included the area north of Washington and west of Main. The inspection identified around 800 deficient sidewalk panels.

Deficiencies defined by the City include:

A. Any crack extending the full width of the sidewalk with an open gap of ½ inch or larger
B. Any crack running parallel with the sidewalk with a gap of ½ inch or larger
C. Any two pieces of sidewalk section with a difference in elevation of ½ inch or larger
D. Any sidewalk that has an unreasonable uneven surface such as:
1) cracked with part of walk missing forming holes
2) cracked into more than three pieces per 4′ by 4′ square

Property owners were notified and given the opportunity to make repairs. While some chose to fix the sidewalks themselves, the City is looking at repairing 515 panels across 212 properties.

The City has submitted a request for quotes for the contract. Bids are due Dec. 23.