Fair Board Election Last Night


The annual Marion County Fair Board election was held yesterday evening, at Dyer-Hudson Hall.
To be eligible for the board, one must be a Marion County resident, own property or a business within its borders. Taking part in the annual election requires registering to do so ahead of the election. A total of eight, three-year seats and one, two-year seat went to the highest votes this year.
Unofficial results:
Mike Brooks: 129 (Three-year term)
Larry Cummings: 131 (Three-year term)
Kevin DeLong: 129 (Three-year term)
Bob Riggen: 125 (Three-year term)
Randy Shives: 125 (Three-year term)
Art Worrall: 131 (Three-year term)
Jim Bob Darnell: 132 (Three-year term)
Kern Stevenson: 109 (Three-year term)
Judd Nelson: 108 (Two-year term)
Mike Husted: 78 (Runner-up)