Keitges commits to UNO

Katie Keitges is pictured signing her letter of intent to the University of Nebraska Omaha. In the back row, from left to right, are Jim Uitermarkt, John Keitges, Mollie Keitges, Abbie Keitges, Luke Keitges and Chris Morrow. (photo by Steve Woodhouse)

Knoxville’s Katie Keitges announced her intention to attend University of Nebraska Omaha (the Mavericks) in early August. On Nov. 13, she officially signed a letter of intent for the school.
“It felt like a perfect fit,” Katie said of UNO. She received a full ride (room/board, tuition and books) scholarship from UNO to join the basketball team. The coaches, her teammates and UNO’s facilities help solidify her intentions to go west.
Her father, John Keitges, agrees that UNO is a great fit. The scholarship and proximity to home helped influence her decision.
“She’s excited for the next four years,” John said.
“We’re really proud of her and super-excited for her,” Katie’s mother, Mollie Keitges, added. “She has put in a lot of work, we’ve seen a lot of awesome teammates and a lot of gyms.” Mollie went on to say that this is not Katie’s finish line, as she’s sure Katie will do good things in Omaha.
UNO is in the Summit League. It is a Division I NCAA school. John said that this league’s tournament has a bigger audience for women’s basketball than the Big 10 or Big 12.
Katie’s high school coach, Jim Uitermarkt, announced to a full KHS media center that research he conducted – with assistance from Joe Cunningham – showed that Katie is the second female to receive a Division I scholarship in basketball. Uitermarkt added that Katie might be the first such recipient to really “go somewhere.”
Chris Morrow, Coach of Beyond Ball, Katie’s AAU team, agrees. He believes Katie is among the top two best shooters he has ever coached. A freshman star for Texas Tech is among the talent he has coached.
“I know she’s going to succeed right away,” Morrow added.