Exclusive statement from Tony Bokhoven with regards to At-Large race

Tony Bokhoven

Tony Bokhoven has contacted Marion County Tribune to let the citizens of Pella know that he is conceding the race for city council, At-large chair. In and exclusive statement to Marion County Tribune, Bokhoven writes:

“In light of today’s Auditors update, I am conceding the At-Large race to Mrs. Sporrer. There is no need to continue the wait nor spend Marion County Board of Supervisors time on this.

I spoke to Liz on election night congratulating her on what appeared to be a win, and I want to also extend my appreciation to Mr. Meyers for stepping forward and putting his name on the ballot.

I want to thank the citizens of Pella for allowing me to serve them for a second term. As Mayor and Council, we work very hard to make Pella a town to be proud of. Thanks to all of the City staff as well, for their support and encouragement during the election.

There have been many people who stepped forward during this election and I am so thankful to each and every one of you for caring enough to lend a hand and voice. I love Pella, and I want nothing but the best for our community.

It’s time to get back to work and see what the newly elected officials can really bring to the table in January.”


Best Wishes, Tony Bokhoven.