William Harkins-council ward 4

William Harkins

At the conclusion of the Marion County Tribune Pella City Candidate Forum, there were unused questions. They were emailed to the candidates. Here are the responses from William Harkins, candidate for council ward 4.

“Blue collar” is a term we don’t hear much, but they remain the backbone of the community. How would you help to provide them a more affordable home in Pella?

I would vote for a property tax reduction, as an incentive for the people to buy, since prices of homes & rent fees are not under the city’s jurisdiction.

What two things can the council do to promote economic growth?

Lower property taxes for all & add public restrooms to both the central business district, and Big Rock Park.

Will you uphold policy to maintain or enhance Pella’s heritage?

Pella’s Christian Values and it’s Heritage is one of the reasons I am running, so, of course I would.

What are your plans for, and views of, the Pella dog park?

Pella should add a dog park, but we should be very careful about it’s location, as to not be too close to residences.

Should the council review the properties owned by the City and look into disposing any of it or transferring it to an organization in town that utilizes it more than the City?

The city should be reviewing all city owned property on a yearly basis and should decide what makes sense to keep and what we should dispose of, especially, if the money coming from disposal can be used for other needed city projects, so the taxpayers have some relief.