Outline for Monday’s Pella City Council candidate forum

photo by Jackie Ramirez from Pixabay

With 11 candidates taking part in the Marion County Tribune’s Final Stretch Pella City Council candidate forum, it will be important to keep things moving.

The forum will begin with an introduction the moderator. All candidates will then have time to make an initial pitch to voters.

Each candidate will have the opportunity to ask their opponent(s) one question. Each question must be related to City matters, no questions regarding someone’s personal private life will not be allowed. Questions must be directed to a direct competitor, not to a candidate for a seat other than the one the questioner is seeking. Mayoral candidates will go first, asking each other questions; followed by the at-large candidates, then Ward 2 and Ward 4. Questioners have 30 seconds to ask, answers have 60 seconds. 

The Tribune will have note cards available for audience members to submit questions. In the interest of time and avoiding repetitive answers, questioners can direct questions to candidates for specific wards and seats. Answers again will be limited to 60 seconds. 

Candidates will each be given a minute for final remarks to the audience. When those are done, the moderator will do a quick thank you and sign off, end of forum. 

The event will be held at the Pella Community Center beginning at 6:30 p.m. Questions will not be provided prior to the event.