Equipment approved for Medical Examiners

Dr. Earl McKeever (photo from Knoxville Hospital website)

Medical Examiners and related staff working in the field will soon have new equipment to perform their tasks.

The Marion County Board of Supervisors approved a request for laptops and mobile WiFi hot spots for the ME’s that can be used when on the scene examining a body. When an autopsy performed by the State of Iowa is necessary, paperwork must be submitted first.

In the past, the ME’s have used their own devices to submit photos and said paperwork. However, this creates an issue of cyber security.

Information Technology Director Andrew DeHaan told the supervisors that the new equipment would have a similar security system to that in the Recorder’s Office – the primary location vital records are submitted to the State. The County will be able to guarantee its own devices are secure, as opposed to those of a deputy or ME.

In other action, the board agreed to allow the Clay Township trustees to submit an application for a hazard mitigation grant, to help cover the costs of a new storm shelter in Tracy, under the County’s name. The Board of Township Trustees does not have the authority to apply and must submit the application as Marion County.