Students take part in “See You at the Pole”

The group gathered at the 2019 See You at the Pole. (photo by Steve Woodhouse)

Approximately 50 people – mostly students – gathered at Knoxville High School Wednesday morning to take part in the annual See You at the Pole prayer.

See You at the Pole began in 1990 as a grassroots effort of students to pray for their school. It has grown into a nationwide movement that has set a date and time, typically around 7 a.m. on a date in September, for students to gather at the flagpole of their school to say a prayer.

Knoxville students, many of whom appeared to be middle school or high school age, braved the chill in the air that’s more than a hint that fall is here. Through their yawns, they gathered in groups to pray for their families, schools, community, first responders and other topics.

The few adults there joined the students, but let them say the prayers. Klayton Korver with Celebrate Community Church suggested topics for the prayer groups to cover.

“I think it’s rare, unique,” Korver said of having so many students interested in getting up early to pray with one another. This is the third year he has participated in the event in Knoxville, which is typically led by the vacationing Bruce Crozier.

Korver praised the students for their willingness to pray out loud, as that is something that even adults struggle with. “I think they’re bold,” he said. “Special students.”