Republicans welcome Senator Ernst

Sen. Joni Ernst holds the gift from Marion County Republicans, presented by Mary Spurgeon. (photo by Steve Woodhouse)

U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst delivered the keynote speech and posed for photos with members of the Marion County Republican Party at the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame and Museum on Aug. 14.

The Republican fundraiser served as an opportunity for Ernst to rally support as she enters her first reelection campaign. The 2020 election will also have the presidency on the ballot. According to Ernst, the Democrats common theme is “more and more and more to the left,” trending toward socialism.

In her speech to the Republicans, Ernst said the proposed Green New Deal would cost $93 trillion, would replace fossil fuels within 10 years, end the cattle industry and provide a “living wage” or taxpayer money to individuals who choose not to work. She called the bill, which was endorsed by every Democratic U.S. Senator currently running for President, “absolutely unaffordable for an average American.” None of the Democrats voted for the Green New Deal when it was brought up for a vote in the Senate.

“They were pandering,” Ernst said. “That’s where we’re trending. Ridiculous ideas on the Left.”

Ernst specifically called out Bernie Sanders, who endorsed socialized health care that would leave Americans without a choice. All Democratic presidential hopefuls, during the first debate, endorsed providing free health care to illegal immigrants.

“We don’t want to follow the path of the socialist elites on our coasts,” Ernst said.

Iowa’s junior Senator went on to push for the passage of the United States-Mexico-Canada trade agreement. She wants all of Iowa’s U.S. Representatives to vote for it, though three – including District 2’s Dave Loebsack – are Democrats.

“I would like to get it done in September,” Ernst said. She told the crowd that the seat she currently holds is being targeted by outside interests. Democrats and their supporters are disappointed that they lost the seat to her after it was held for decades by Tom Harkin.

“The only thing (the Left hates) more than that is a strong, conservative woman,” Ernst said. “Iowa is purple. Make no mistake.” She encouraged Marion County Republican activists to work hard as the campaign season approaches.

“Don’t be that silent majority,” she said. “We can’t do that anymore.”

Republicans are trying to address the costs of health care, she added. The Affordable Care Act was repealed and replaced.

Ernst reassured those in the crowd that she believes in the Second Amendment and she believes in due process. By that logic, she is opposed to “red flag laws” that would allow authorities to seize guns without due process. She wants laws followed.

An attendee asked what could be done to ensure that social media giants, who have been accused of stifling the reach of conservative viewpoints to broad audiences, do not tip the scales in the 2020 election. Ernst is trying to find a way to do that, without violating anyone’s First Amendment rights. In closing, she expressed her gratitude for being allowed to represent the state.

“Thank you for allowing me to serve you as your United States Senator,” Ernst said.

Marion County Republicans presented her with a token of appreciation from the NSCHoFM.