Kingrey’s song featured on new CD

Kelli Kingrey (left) wrote a song on Kelly Cox's (right) new album. (photo courtesy of Kelli Kingrey)

Marion County Assessor Kelli Kingrey recently returned from a CD release party for an album that features a song she wrote.

“I co-wrote a bluegrass song entitled ‘Yesterday’s Heartache’ with two gentlemen, Bruce Carpenter and Jerry Salley (a Nashville pro writer),” Kingrey said. “That song was recorded by bluegrass singer Kristy Cox.  She released that song today as her first single from her new album.  Since it’s being released as a single before the rest of the album, that song is guaranteed to get some airplay on different bluegrass radio stations which is pretty exciting.  Kristy is making a name for herself here in the states, but she’s Australian, so she’s got that part of the world covered, too.”

Kingrey has been a music writer for many years. She writes when the inspiration for a song comes to her. Oftentimes, she will write lyrics first before finding the right tune to go with them.

In September, she plans to take part in a songwriting workshop with Salley. She hopes the two can collaborate on another tune in the future.

“Both Jerry Salley and Craig Market have been in the songwriting business for several years and have made names for themselves as a couple of the top, very well-known bluegrass songwriters,” Kingrey said. “I feel very lucky and privileged to have written songs with both of them.”

Kingrey’s songwriting career keeps going well. She won the Midwest SPBGMA (Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America) Songwriter award back in 2016 after having her song “Down This Old Gravel Road” cut by The Farm Hands, a bluegrass/gospel band out of Nashville. The following year, she won the BMAI (Bluegrass Music Association of Iowa) Songwriter award.

“I also co-wrote a bluegrass song entitled ‘You Can’t Stop a Fool From Holding On’ with Nashville pro writer Craig Market,” Kingrey said. “That song has been recorded by Volume Five, another Mountain Fever Records recording artist.  That album will be released in the near future, maybe by this fall.  No specific date yet.”

WIth this success behind her, she intends to keep writing songs as she can. Her musical genre will remain Bluegrass.