18-year-old facing many charges


Jacob Michael Eldridge, 18, homeless, recently had a case against him adjudicated that resulted in probation and no prison time. He is now accused of committing crimes just days after receiving said sentence.

Eldridge was found operating a vehicle while intoxicated, with a stolen machete in his vehicle. He worked out a plea agreement to which he pled guilty to OWI. He was sentenced to one year of probation, plus fines and legal fees on July 30.

On July 31, he was allegedly caught stealing hundreds of dollars in unidentified goods from Walmart. Two days later, he is accused of stealing a credit card from an unlocked vehicle on West Madison. Officer Kyle Eastwood observed surveillance footage of the card being used at Walmart at 0246 and 0345 and the Casey’s at 1201 East Main at 0337. At Walmart, Eldridge is said to have used the card to purchase a backpack and socks totaling $40.41 and tried to load $500 onto a prepaid gift card. This transaction was denied.

At approximately 0216 on Aug. 3, Eldridge was found and arrested by Officer Joel Kimpston-Burkgren. Court records say Eldridge fit the description of a suspect believed to be going through vehicles in the area of Harlan and West Pleasant. When the officer found Eldridge, the police lights were activated and Eldridge is said to have run away. Kimpston-Burkgren caught the suspect two minutes later.

According to the complaint, Eldridge admitted to stealing a Glock 21 chambered in .45 with a full, 13-round magazine. A holster and two magazines were reported stolen from an unlocked truck on Robinson Street. Eldridge, according to police, said he stole the firearm to sell to pay off his other debts to the court.

An arrest warrant was also issued by Judge Steve Guiter, as Eldridge is accused of violating his probation. He was taken to the Marion County Jail. Eldridge submitted a written plea of not guilty on Friday and he demands his speedy trial.

All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.