Kids excel at Kiwanis contests at the Marion County Fair


The Knoxville Noon Kiwanis held several contests under the grandstand at the Marion County Fairgrounds Saturday afternoon. Children competed in the mini tractor pedal pull, sunflower seed spitting contest, rubber chicken throwing contest and bubble blowing contest.

Here are the results, courtesy of Curt Schwanebeck:

3 and 4 Years under 41 lbs. Class
1st. Place McKenna Ellensohn
2nd. Place Carsten Angove
3rd. Place Jamison Huges
4th. Place Josiah Book 

3 and 4 years over 41 lbs. Class
1st. Place Levi Seelye
2nd. Place Evelya Readout
3rd. Place Jacelyn Aswegan
4th. Place Henry Readout

5 and 6 years under 46lbs.
1st. Place Marcus Ellensohn
2nd. Place Ben Roder
3rd. Place Quill Smith
4th. Place Savannah Boot
5th. Place Carson Lundy
6th. Place Canaan Cook
7th. Place Kaylee Figland

5 and 6 years over 46lbs.
1st. Place Hadley Ellensohn
2nd. Place Prier Phillips
3rd Place Brody Wall
4th. Place Lia Fuller
5th. Place Oliver Allen
6th. Place Kalynn Hollingshead

Bubble Gum Blowing Contest

Ages 9 and under
1st. Place Ava VanWyk-Robuck
2nd. Place Lia Fuller

Ages 10 through 12
1st. Place Natalie McKenna
2nd. Place Bridget Rendard

Ages 13 and up
1st. Place Bailey McKenna
2nd. Place Jes Renard

Rubber Chicken Tossing Contest

Ages 7 and uder
1st. Place Savannah Boot
2nd Place Levi Seelye

Ages 8 through 12
1st Place Eli Fuller
2nd. Place Xavier Libbywittington

Ages 13 and up
1st. Place bailey McKenna
2nd. Place Devin Renard

Sunflower Seed Spitting Contest

Ages 7 and under
1st. Place Jamison Hughes
2nd. Place Lia Fuller

Ages 8 through 12
1st. Place Xavier Libbywittington
2nd Place Addy McKenna

Ages 13 and up
1st Place Tyler Kearney
2nd Place Devin Renard