The end of the cop car

Knoxville Police Department logo

As Knoxville Police Chief Dan Losada prepares to seek bids for a new department vehicle, it will be an sports utility vehicle (SUV). Not only because the department prefers them, but Ford and Chevrolet have discontinued police sedans.

Dodge continues to make a police-issue Charger for law enforcement agencies, but it is the only one. Losada believes that Chargers are not as well suited to the needs of a city police department when compared to the Iowa State Patrol or sheriff’s departments. Troopers still drive Chargers because the additional speed is more likely to be used than the seating room for prisoners. County agencies also have more land to cover and need a faster vehicle to answer calls.

Though police-issue Tahoes, such as those driven by the KPD, cannot reach the speed of a Charger, Tahoes can still reach adequate speeds to handle city department needs. Losada enjoys the additional room for equipment and prisoners, as well as the ease of entering and exiting the vehicle.

Chevrolet discontinued its line of police vehicles two years ago. Ford, after seeing that most of its police vehicle sales were SUVs, followed suit last year.