Water main break brings community support

City of Pleasantville logo

There was another water main break in Pleasantville on Sunday, when temperatures and the heat index were easily in the triple digits. A city crew answered the call to fix the main, despite the heat, and while they worked, several residents brought them bottled water.

“We really appreciate that,” City Manager Joe Mrstik said.

It took only a couple of hours for the crew to fix the main, but due to the amount of water lost during the break, a boil advisory was put in place. The advisory is still in place as of this post, and was not expected to be lifted until the afternoon of July 2 or even the morning of July 3.

The City received a report of low water pressure and upon investigation, the main break was discovered. The main is a 10-inch line, similar to one used in other cities. It has created problems elsewhere, and has broken a few times in Pleasantville.

This line is located under the press box of the PHS stadium. The City is aware of the issue and is trying to resolve it. Funding is one of the issues.

The school board is exploring the possibility of making upgrades to the stadium area, including more bleachers, a new track and a new concession stand/restroom facility. Superintendent Tony Aylsworth said the board is willing to partner with the City, if the project moves forward, to replace the line. Past main breaks have affected school days and activities. Aylsworth intends to present some possible financing options for the stadium project at the next board meeting.

Mrstik says it is still a struggle to get the word out about main breaks. Notifications are sent through Marion County Emergency Management, the City’s Facebook page, City website and local radio. You can register for Emergency Management’s notifications by clicking here.