Girls’ soccer season comes to an end

photo courtesy of Matt Ritchhart's Twitter

The Knoxville High School girls’ soccer season came to an unfortunate end this afternoon, following a 3-1 playoff loss to Williamsburg.

Today’s match was a continuation of the one that began earlier in the week, which was shortened due to weather. Knoxville came into the remainder of the match, played today, with a 1-0 lead with 12 minutes left in the first half. Emma DeJoode had the score for Knoxville.

Williamsburg was able to take control of the match and get the win.

Head Coach Matt Ritchhart tweeted, “Disappointing end to what was an excellent year.”

The year was indeed excellent for the Panthers. The season ends with a record of 14-4 for Knoxville. There are only five teams in the state who, as of this original post, had more victories than Knoxville.

After losing three of its first four games, Knoxville turned things around in a major way – scoring a 13-match winning streak between April 12 and May 29. Only six of those were one-goal wins, with Knoxville’s margin of victory higher in the rest. The Panthers once again dominated the South Central Conference, winning every match against an SCC rival.

DeJoode finishes the season with 30 goals, placing her among the most elite soccer players in the state. She is in the top five for Class 1A.

Seniors Amber VanderVeer, Kelsey Ryan, Hailey Turner, Anna Sanderson and Carly Still have played on teams that have combined for 36 wins in four years.