Was Donald Trump a Godsend?

Official portrait of President Donald J. Trump, Friday, October 6, 2017. (Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead)

It’s a bit of an understatement to say that Donald Trump is a polarizing political figure today. Though nobody ever expected him to actually enter the race – let alone win – he did both things and in my humble opinion, he seems to be trying to do the best job that he can. Sure, he’s not perfect and there are definitely times he’s needed to keep quiet, but is he the man God found to be the one America needs at this point in our world’s history?

We’ve all had our doubts about whether or not he genuinely cares for people. I reached out to the biggest Trump supporter I know, my friend Austin Bayliss.

Austin is a big autograph collector, and as the 2016 caucus season began to ramp up, he was working many hours in Des Moines. He thought he might as well start collecting the signatures of these political figures to whom we Iowans have access. Eventually, he attended events for every Republican and Democrat who came to Iowa to seek the United States Presidency – starting with Bobby Jindal.

Halfway through his autograph collection expedition, in June 2015, he attended a Trump event in Coralville. At that time, everyone still thought Trump was a joke. Nevertheless, this event was a fundraiser for veterans. Austin’s father is a veteran, so he and his family went.

They had lunch and met Trump. On the way out, Austin asked Trump for an autograph and a photo with his family. Trump invited the Bayliss family to the press room. Security tried to stop them, but Trump stepped in and said, “No, they’re with me.” Austin said he went so far as to tell the security to wait outside.

“Trump took 20 minutes of his time before he was a candidate to talk to my dad,” Austin told me. At the time, Trump was unaware that Mr. Bayliss was a veteran – but that didn’t stop him from taking his time to talk to everyone. More importantly, he listened.

“People wanted to feel like they were listened to,” Austin said of Trump’s election.

Despite the authenticity he was able to convey, I never pictured Trump winning. I most certainly did not want Hillary to win, but I thought with the media and the rest of the “swamp” behind her, it was seemingly inevitable. Thankfully, I was wrong.

Nearly two years into the Trump presidency, the “swamp” still refuses to acknowledge any of his accomplishments. They have obsessively, relentlessly focused on destroying him, discrediting him, illegitimatizing his presidency, mocking his supporters and much more.

Why? He’s just one man. He was already one of the richest, most powerful men in the country, why do they perceive him as such a threat? Better yet, given his pre-political status, why is he choosing to endure all of this nonsense instead of walking away and returning to a life of quiet luxury?

It’s these facts, and my Christian faith, which have led me to ponder the role God played in the election of Donald Trump. I believe God chose him to try to root out and expose the evil, modern day Gomorrah that Washington, D.C., has become.

Granted, Trump is far from perfect, but as Ryan Duncan wrote in a 2014 blog, God has a history of using flawed people to achieve His goals. Some of Duncan’s examples include Elijah, who was suicidal; Job, who (like Trump) went bankrupt; Samson (like Trump) was a womanizer and the Good Samaritan (like Trump) was divorced.

I believe that God has to be giving Trump the strength to endure the daily beating he – as well as his family, friends, associates, allies, golf buddies – takes from the media and his political opponents. What other reason would his detractors have to try to destroy him in such a way, unless he actually represented a legitimate threat to their way of life and claim to power?

For too long, this magnificent country has allowed the government to usurp the power and authority that God grants every human being. Even if you choose to not believe in God, it is foolish of anyone to think that a group of partisan hack politicians is the ultimate authority over every man, woman and child in this country. Yet, listening to these politicians over the years, it is my opinion that this is something they totally believe. That they can define what rights we have, that every problem we have only they can solve and that the only body we can turn to is taxpayer-funded. Well, they’re wrong.

I don’t believe Donald Trump is a savior, but maybe he is a prophet. One that reminds us that it is we, the people, who are supposed to have the power in this country – but to maintain it, we need vigilance. We must rely on ourselves because we can’t rely on the media, we can’t rely on our government and we cannot even rely on a President.

Trump’s sometimes offensive, often critical, plain talk is what we need in Washington right now. Given that the African-American unemployment is at its lowest level ever, the stock market is surging and our GDP is growing like gangbusters, I’d say it’s working.

The Lord has blessed this nation like none other with this kind of success in the past. I think He’s up for doing it again if we continue to reject the evils of idolizing government officials and opting to embrace non-traditional political leaders willing to spend 20 minutes with a veteran and his family.

Take care of yourself and thank you for reading.