Tyree gives all the glory to God

Pleasantville's Hunter Tyree

Hunter Tyree graduated in May as one of the best athletes to ever grace a Pleasantville Trojan uniform. If you ask him, none of it would have been possible without the grace of the Lord.
This season alone, Tyree amassed 1,815 offensive yards and 20 touchdowns. Neither of those figures include his three touchdowns or number of yards he gained as a return specialist for the Trojans. His outstanding play and character earned him the opportunity to represent Pleasantville on the South squad in this year’s annual Shrine Bowl.
Tyree said he was excited to participate in the Shrine Bowl, largely because his former coach, Gabe Bakker, was one of the assistants to the team. During the 59-14 rout of the North by his team, Tyree scored a 67-yard punt return touchdown.
“It was a fun game,” Tyree said.
But the entire experience with the Shriners meant a lot more than football.
Tyree, son of Marci and First Christian Church Youth Pastor Jimmy, enjoyed seeing how God works through the Shriners’ organization. It really solidified what he believed the Shriners to be.
Working with the children supported by the Shriners also brought him joy. The fun they had and the smiles Tyree and other players brought to their faces really made this a life-changing event for him.
The entire week was a real bonding session for Tyree – not only with the children in need, but his fellow players and coaches as well. He already knew some of his teammates, but he really got to know all of them through the week.
The Shrine Bowl came before he and his family traveled to NYR in Sedalia, Colo., for church camp. Tyree and his family have been going for 10 years to work with young people to spread the Word of God.
“It’s one of the greatest experiences I ever had,” Tyree said. It was uplifting, and a good opportunity for him to see God working in the lives of everyone around him throughout the week.
Though he was there for a 10th year, as the son of a minister, he was there as more of a student among the 1,300 in attendance. The main topic of the camp was “All In”, with an emphasis on Luke 10:17, which reads, “And he answered, ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'”
When asked what he believes this to mean, or how to best demonstrate it, he cited a lesson from one of the camp’s speakers, Aaron Chambers, who discussed how so many people “play the victim” today.
“Too many times I can find myself playing the victim and not taking responsibility for what I do,” Tyree said. He believes that the verse means “staying strong in the faith and doing the right thing when it is hard.” He wants to live to serve God in everything he does, treat people right and serve them as well.
Tyree said his parents used to attend the camp as young people themselves. His father, Jimmy, was active duty in the Marine Corps when the family got involved with the First Christian Church. Today, there are around 30 people in the church’s youth group.
Throughout his high school career, people have been praising Tyree for his athletic talent. He turns around and gives God all the glory for everything he has been able to accomplish in sports.
This includes the opportunity to continue his football career at Grand View University this season. Tyree leaves for Grand View, to fulfill his football scholarship, on Aug. 6.
College, especially a collegiate athletic locker room, can present challenges to anyone’s faith. Tyree is confident that God will lead him and give him the strength to stay on the right path. He intends to participate in Fellowship of Christian Athletes and other faith-based organizations at Grand View to help him.
He intends to major in sports management, though he is unsure of what he wants to do as a career. Part of the reason he chose Grand View was the college’s connection to good internships with minor league sports organizations based in Des Moines.
His on-field position with the football team will likely vary, though he has taken most of his reps as a running back. Tyree said he will be happy to play wherever the coaches want him.
Grand View is only 40 minutes away, which will allow him to stay in touch with family and friends in Pleasantville. Even when he’s away, he will follow Coach Bakker’s advice and stay true to himself. Tyree may put the time in to earn what he has achieved, and will achieve in the future, but he has not done it alone.
“I wouldn’t be who I am today and I wouldn’t have had the opportunities I have without my family, my church family and God leading me in the directions I have gone,” Tyree said.


  1. Hunter tyree is one of the most godly people I know. That’s amazing! He is kind to everyone but is a little scary sometimes. Mostly when he is in his football gear. He is scary because he has big mucles and a deep voice and he’s tall. Huntree tyree is more than just a football player he is a believer of christ and always gives his glory to god instead of people. HE IS AN AMAZING LOVABLE LOYAL PERSON. THERE’S SO MUCH MORE I COULD RIGHT ABOUT. I LOVE YOU HUNTER!!!😍😍😍