Absentee voting posts high numbers

Marion County Auditor Jake Grandia

Friday, May 25, was the deadline to have requested an absentee ballot be mailed to you for the June 5 primary election.
By early afternoon on that date, there had been 492 requests for absentee ballots – either to be mailed or people choosing to cast a vote early at the Marion County Auditor’s Office. Absentee voting began on May 7.
Since that time, one of the candidates for Governor on the Democratic side has pulled out. Auditor Jake Grandia said he had not heard from any voters who cast their vote for that candidate who sought to recast a ballot. Iowa voting laws do not allow for these changes – once you’ve cast a ballot, it’s cast.
Absentee voting will continue until Monday, June 4. The Auditor’s Office window is open from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. at the courthouse every day. On Saturday, June 2, the office will be open to allow more early voting.
As the primary is a party election, you must declare a party to take part. Iowa law now requires you bring photo identification to vote. The new Precinct Atlas technology the Auditor’s Office uses will allow poll workers to scan your identification card to ensure that you are at the correct poll site. There are 75 counties in Iowa who will use this technology, which originated in Cerro Gordo County.
The list of poll sites is available here.