Emal saying goodbye to Treasurer’s Office


Marion County Treasurer Denise Emal has chosen to not seek another term in office.

Denise started in the Treasurer’s Office, motor vehicle department, in 1981. She has been the treasurer for 20 years.

She enjoyed living in Knoxville with her two girls and husband, Randy. Randy retired from the Knoxville Police Department two years ago, and today helps the County with erecting 911 signs. The couple have four grandchildren, with all of whom Denise hopes to spend more time upon her retirement. Denise also plans to spend time with her parents and traveling.

As with anyone who has worked at a job they have enjoyed, Denise says she will miss the people the most. With her job, she had the opportunity to meet many different people from all walks of life. Many friends were made and will be missed.

In her time with the Treasurer’s Office, she has witnessed many changes. For instance, when she started, vehicles were registered in December and January, not year-round like today. Staggering registrations began in the 1980s, and online renewal arrived a few years ago to really enhance customer service.

The office did not issue driver’s licenses full-time until the year 2000. She has seen the benefits of having this service available all the time.

Professionally, Denise has represented Marion County well. She has served on many Iowa boards and commissions to advocate for her fellow treasurers and Iowa taxpayers. Her professional organization is watching a bill closely regarding backfill – promised by the state government following property tax reductions – to keep revenue steady for local governments.

Denise is also thankful for the local media and their partnership over the years. She knows all she has to do is call when she needs to share information. All were willing to help.

One more feather in Denise’s cap is that she was never challenged for the office in any of her elections. She wants to thank all of Marion County and her staff for all of their continued support.